Protest in Tyrol – climate activists block traffic hotspot in Hall


Climate activists of the last generation protested again in Tyrol on Monday morning: this time in the town of Hall, where a traffic hotspot was blocked. There were traffic disruptions in the early morning. The wishes of the participants are known.

The activists protested “against the government’s inaction, despite this summer’s disasters and dramatic temperature records. Even September was the warmest in the 257-year history of measurements,” the report said.

“Don’t be led like sheep to the slaughter”
For more than 1,000 days, Austria has not had a climate protection law and is therefore flying blind because the Chancellor does not face reality: “I want to wake people up and encourage them not to be led like sheep to the slaughter, but to stand up for their survival,” he told one participant.

There have already been numerous Last Generation protests in Tyrol this year, especially in the Innsbruck area, where a whole week of action took place in June. Dozens of advertisements resulted. Recently, when answering a parliamentary question, it turned out that the participants often do not come from Tyrol at all.

Source: Krone


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