Outrage in Oklahoma – the strictest abortion law in the US passed


Outrage in Oklahoma – the strictest abortion law in the US passed

The US Supreme Court ruling on legal abortion rights is eagerly awaited. If the historic Roe vs. Wade ruling is actually overturned, states can have free rein to ban abortion or drastically restrict access to abortion, according to a recently published draft ruling. Recently, Texas and Oklahoma have catapulted themselves into the headlines with tougher abortion laws.

The Oklahoma Congress passed legislation Thursday banning abortion once an egg has been fertilized. So far, no US state has gone this far. There are exceptions for danger to the mother’s life and also for incest or rape, but only if this has been reported to the police in advance.

Like the neighboring state of Texas before it, Oklahoma relies on private individuals to enforce the law, which must sue those who perform or facilitate abortions. Governor Kevin Stitt has yet to sign the bill. Just two weeks ago, the Republican signed a bill banning abortions after the sixth week. Other conservatively governed states are now also drastically curtailing abortion rights.

US government: ‘Most extreme attack on abortion rights yet’
The US government has reacted sharply to the tightening in conservative Oklahoma. Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted Thursday that the law banning abortion from conception is part of a series of “blatant attacks on women by extremist lawmakers.” It is therefore “more urgent than ever” to vote for candidates who support the right to abortion. President Joe Biden’s new spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the law passed by Oklahoma’s state legislature is the country’s “most extreme” attack on abortion rights to date.

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