Protests in Italy – Pastor lets altar boy distribute communion


A priest from the northern Italian province of Bergamo has received widespread criticism for his decision to have a little altar girl give communion to the faithful. A video circulating on social networks shows the parish priest of Ossanesga, Father Eros Accorigi, distributing the Eucharist and to his right the little girl doing the same. This led to protests from believers.

The Bergamo Curia received several emails with complaints. She called on the priest not to repeat his gesture. The priest justified himself by saying that he needed help distributing communion and that he was thinking of the little altar boy. “She seemed to me to have the purest heart among so many sinners,” the priest explained.

Pastor: “As if I had killed someone”
The pastor is surprised by the commotion surrounding his initiative. “It’s almost like I killed someone, I don’t think the Eucharist was denigrated…” the priest said.

Source: Krone


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