120 years in Tyrol – This is how the project for street children became Caritas


Caritas Tirol is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. It was the first Caritas in Austria. Since then, the Catholic aid organization has been supporting people in need at home and abroad. The first project concerned street children in Innsbruck. Many other tasks soon followed.

Mrs. E. (76) lives on her old-age pension. This is not particularly high due to many years of unpaid domestic work and raising children. She has nothing on the site: “The increased food prices make it impossible for me to save anything,” she says, visibly desperate. She has to borrow money from a friend to carry out the legally required maintenance on the gas boiler. She repays the amount in monthly installments of 50 euros. Caritas supports them with food vouchers.

Source: Krone


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