The Basque government will no longer negotiate with the opposition and will only approve the 2024 bills


Azpiazu believes the groups raise “substantial issues beyond the budgetary framework,” making the deal “impossible.”

The Basque government has completed negotiations with the opposition groups to reach an agreement on the 2024 budgets, which will therefore be approved in parliament with the sole support of the executive, PNV and PSE-EE groups, which have an absolute have a majority.

This was announced in statements to journalists by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, after meeting all opposition parties last week, except Vox.

From that first round on Thursday, the groups criticized the budget project, although everyone was willing to continue negotiations. In fact, they all announced their intention to transfer their proposals to the Basque government to continue the talks.

After reviewing these documents, Azpiazu concluded this Wednesday that EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and Cs maintain approaches that are “economically misguided” and have “a clear electoral undertone”, showing that they “lack the will” to negotiate.

The PP has not yet sent him a proposal, but its leaders’ statements “do not invite optimism,” said Azpiazu, who has made the decision not to hold a runoff with any opposition group.

“Exorbitant” proposals. The counsel considered that the proposals of EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU have an “exorbitant amount”, because both exceed 300 million, while the “guideline” margin given by the government to negotiate was about 25 million. “We cannot get 300 million out of our pockets,” he added.

He believes that the nationalist approach involves “structural changes” resulting from “a clear electoral positioning” and which “do not correspond to budget negotiations”; while the purple formation – he emphasized – asks for things that are not the responsibility of the government.

Regarding Ciudadanos, he said it would be “strange” to negotiate with a party that “has a global approach that is on the other side of the government.”

Moreover, Azpiazu continued, the groups raise “substantial issues that go beyond the budgetary framework,” making an agreement “impossible.”

“It’s not worth walking around and not getting anywhere because it would be a waste of time,” the consultant said. He explained that the positions are so ‘distant’ that his ministry has chosen ‘not to seek rapprochement’, mainly because the government ‘has sufficient support’.

However, it has left the door open to include in the budgets some of the amendments tabled by the groups in the Basque Parliament.

Source: EITB


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