Passengers rescued – accident in Vienna: suddenly the car burst into flames


Operation in Vienna-Simmering: A traffic accident took place on Schemmerlstrasse on Sunday around 7:30 PM. Suddenly a car started burning. The occupants were able to quickly escape from the vehicle, the professional fire brigade reported on Monday.

About twenty emergency services with five vehicles were called to the scene of the accident on Schemmerlstrasse. A car left the road and crashed into a light pole. Suddenly the car caught fire.

With the last of their strength, the slightly injured passengers were able to escape from the car in time. They received emergency medical care from the emergency services.

No other accident victims were found
The alerted firefighters checked the vehicle, which was now completely on fire, for other occupants, found no one left and extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher. The wreckage was then pulled from the light pole and removed with a fire brigade tow truck.

It is not yet known why the car left the road and is being investigated.

Source: Krone


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