Lost key – argument in shared apartment in Vienna, after which man (27) threw teapot


A heated argument broke out between two asylum seekers in a shared apartment in Vienna on Monday morning. Glasses and food must have flown through the house, after which one of the two fighters – a 27-year-old Afghan – also grabbed the metal teapot. The police had to settle the dispute.

Around 8 a.m., the inseminated people were called to the shared apartment in Vienna’s 3rd district. According to initial information, a 25-year-old and a 27-year-old got into an argument because the young person – he is the subtenant – had lost the key.

Roommate pulled out a kitchen knife
During the argument, the 27-year-old allegedly grabbed a metal teapot and hit his roommate with it. The older man also pulled out a kitchen knife – the 25-year-old then called 911.

Apartment was completely destroyed
A short time later, the apartment was found destroyed by the Viennese police. Broken glass and food littered the floor. The murder weapon – the knife – was immediately seized, officials announced Tuesday.

The suspect has been temporarily arrested
“The 27-year-old suspect was temporarily arrested on suspicion of dangerous threats,” the director said. In addition, the older man is no longer allowed to approach his housemate and an entry ban has also been issued. He is facing several charges.

Source: Krone


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