Fatal injuries: boy rolled over in front of his father and brother


A tragic traffic accident took place on Thursday afternoon in a large car park in Neu-Ulm in neighboring Bavaria. A seven-year-old boy, who had just left the water park with his father and brother, was run over by a van in a parking lot and killed.

As revealed after the initial investigation by the Bavarian police, a 42-year-old father was with his seven-year-old son and his 10-year-old brother in the popular Donaubad on Wiblinger Strasse. After their visit to the pool, they wanted to walk together across the parking lot to their car. At the same time, a 38-year-old was also standing in the large parking lot with his van and looking for a free parking space.

Fallen over by the front axle
While the father and eldest son had already passed the front of the van, the youngest walked a few meters behind. When the seven-year-old was in the front seat of the van, the driver drove away. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, the boy fell, ended up under the vehicle and then rolled over on the front axle.

Succumbed to injuries in clinic
The child remained under the vehicle with serious injuries. The father, the driver of the vehicle and other first aiders freed the injured boy and cared for him until emergency services arrived. The various rescue workers and a pediatric emergency doctor specially requested from neighboring Ulm eventually brought the seriously injured boy to a nearby university hospital. Despite all medical efforts made, the seven-year-old eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Great commitment to crisis intervention team
After consultation with the responsible public prosecutor’s office, a special accident expert was appointed. In addition, the vehicle that caused the accident was also seized and towed away by a local towing service. Due to the very busy location, not only the relatives and the person who caused the accident had to be cared for by a four-person crisis intervention team, but also various witnesses and passers-by who had to observe the traffic accident.

Source: Krone


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