Desperate woman – “Why does Fritzl get a place and I don’t?”


“Why does Josef Fritzl get a place for assisted living and I don’t? Do you have to be a murderer to be entitled to that?”, asks Agnes Weichhardt from Linz. She’s about to have her third lung transplant, but at 41, she can’t go anywhere for free. And alternatives are too expensive.

41-year-old Agnes Weichhardt from Linz suffers from cystic fibrosis (a metabolic disease in which thick mucus clogs vital organs). She has had two full lung transplants and is currently preparing for a third.

Painful procedure
“I need medical oxygen for 24 hours and have to use a machine every day to remove mucus from my airways. The coughing lasts for hours and exhausts me immensely every time,” Weichhardt explains.

Failed quest
She lives on the 1st floor of an old building without a lift and has been looking for a barrier-free, usable apartment for two years that would be suitable for her in terms of price. “I live on only 1,200 euros and cannot find suitable housing that is affordable. I recently looked at a two-room apartment from Caritas, but the rent costs 1,300 euros. How am I supposed to pay for that?”

Assisted living for seniors only
Weichhardt complains that there are no assisted living places in a public facility for people her age. “They are intended for seniors. Anyone under sixty actually doesn’t have a chance.”

Fear of tomorrow every day
The 41-year-old is increasingly struggling with her current living situation. Her mother, who brings her food every other day, is herself seriously disabled. “She suffers from an incurable, chronic respiratory disease,” said Weichhardt, who cannot go shopping or cook for herself alone.

5000 calories needed
Due to her illness, she had to eat 5,000 calories a day. She can only do this thanks to high-calorie drinking food. “I dread the next morning every day because I am completely overwhelmed.”

When she thinks about Josef Fritzl, she gets angry: “I think it’s so unfair that he gets what I want: a three-course meal and maybe soon free assisted living.”

Source: Krone


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