Rising trend: more and more drug and alcohol cyclists


Every ninth day a pedal knight dies in Austria. The general trend towards addictive substances in the saddle is worrying.

Last year, 41 cyclists died, 17 of whom were on an e-bike. A third of these cyclists died without any outside intervention. These figures cannot be explained solely by the rapidly increasing sales figures and the associated higher number of cyclists.

Increase in solo accidents
According to an analysis of ÖAMTC’s accident research, it is striking that the number of solo accidents has increased by 149 percent, while the number of collision accidents has increased by 34 percent in the same period and the number of intersection accidents by ‘only’ 25 percent.

Alarmingly, between 2013 and 2022, the number of bicycle accidents resulting in personal injury increased by 69 percent. While there were 6,375 bicycle accidents in 2013, statistics showed 10,745 falls among pedal riders in 2022. The accident figures mark the negative peak of a long-term development. Experts are working on the cause.

Ignoring traffic rules and addictive substances are often the cause
What is interesting in the analysis is that the cause of the fall is not necessarily related to the increased speed. The development of the causes of accidents over the past ten years shows other problem areas: the cause of accidents ‘alcohol, drugs or medicine’ has increased by an above-average 255 percent, while ‘ignoring rules and prohibitions’ (keyword red traffic lights) increased also with 197 percent.

Not a trivial violation
Many people are completely unaware that these addictive substances in the saddle are not a trivial offense. If you are caught by the police, your driving license may even be revoked.

More measures needed
The ÖAMTC calls for more driving measures, as well as more executive checks on alcohol and drugs and compliance with traffic rules. Technical equipment and distraction also play a role in accidents. There is often also a lack of driving experience. For example, the ÖAMTC offers courses specifically for e-bikers.

Source: Krone


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