Woman brings crested pom-pom to animal rescue station


One night an English woman tried to nurse a baby hedgehog she had found. But nothing helped and the animal didn’t move an inch. When she got a vet to help, it became clear why. “She was very embarrassed,” a vet revealed.

An English woman found a bonnet pom-pom with what appeared to be nails and identified it as a helpless baby hedgehog. She carefully took the fluffy ball home, placed it in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and placed a bowl of cat food next to it.

But when she checked the next morning, the alleged hedgehog had not moved and the food remained untouched.

Kuif Bommel has been taken to the vet
Worried, she drove to the nearest animal sanctuary, the Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital in Knutsford, British media reported on Tuesday. There she handed the box to veterinarian Janet Kotze.

“The woman gave me the box and said she had found a baby hedgehog on the sidewalk during the day,” Kotze reported, according to the Daily Mail. That was alarming: “It’s actually still too early in the year for a hedgehog cub. And they are not allowed to be outside during the day.”

“At least she has her heart in the right place.”
She opened the box and immediately saw that it couldn’t be a hedgehog. There appeared to be nothing alive at all. “When I told the woman it was just a bump on a bonnet, she was very embarrassed.” She quickly grabbed the box and disappeared with it.

“At least her heart is in the right place,” the vet said of the “hedgehog” rescuer. “Actually, she did everything right, except it wasn’t a hedgehog cub she saved.”

Source: Krone


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