Video in the city – Young Wolf had a fondness for Kremser Schnitzerl


On Wednesday, a young wolf was spotted at the Schnitzel Drive-In next to the B37 in Krems (Lower Austria). Passers-by couldn’t believe their eyes and captured the curious animal on video, which is available for the “Krone”.

It was first discovered in rooms in the Krems district by guests of a winery. Hunters and police were immediately alerted.

Great excitement
A “Krone” reader contacted “Krone” with videos. The young wolf was spotted in the parking lot of the Schnitzel Drive-In next to Kremser Bundesstrasse 37. The animal showed no shyness; it could be looking for a pack, they say.

Once again, this sighting sparked a debate about whether shy wolves actually pose a danger to humans or not. Whatever the case, the Isegrim was probably attracted by the delicious smell of the schnitzel, passersby speculated.

Source: Krone


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