Governments around the world are calling for de-escalation in the Middle East


Many leaders have expressed “deep concern” about Iran’s response to Israel. Some powers have gone a step further and openly sided with Israel.

Iran’s response to Israel’s April 1 attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus has led to a reaction cascade from governments around the world, all calling for de-escalation and easing of tensions; the difference lies in their level of support for Israel.

In Middle EastEgypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have expressed “deep concern” over the development of the situation in the region and called for containment, moderation and dialogue to reduce tensions.

Between the Asian countriesThe superpowers Russia and China have also expressed their concerns about the ‘dangerous escalation’ and have called on the parties to act calmly and moderately to prevent further escalations. Pakistan, China and Japan have also called for de-escalation.

Several leaders and government representatives of the United States have spoken along the same lines. Europe, Among them are those from Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland, who condemned the attack and called for containment and to prevent further escalations. Belgium has declared a ceasefire in Gaza to de-escalate tension.

For their part, Britain, Austria, Hungary, France and Germany “strongly” condemned Iran’s attacks on Israel. Macron has reiterated Paris’s “commitment” “to Israel’s security, its partners and regional stability”, alongside a call for restraint.

German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said that “Germany supports Israel in these difficult hours.”

The governments of Austria and Hungary condemned Iran’s attack on Israel and not only expressed solidarity with Tel Aviv, but also expressed concern about the risk of escalation in the Middle East conflict.

The head of the Austrian government, the conservative Karl Nehammer, wrote in X: “Austria supports Israel and we call on Iran to immediately end any hostility.”

In Hungary, the prime minister, ultranationalist Viktor Orbán, also condemned the attack in recent hours. “We condemn last night’s attack on Israel and pray for the safety of the Israeli people,” Orbán said on X.

In the American continentIn addition to the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay have also strongly condemned Iran’s attack on Israel. In addition to expressing its strong support for Israel, this bloc of countries has urged the international community to take decisive action to guarantee the security of the Jewish State and prevent future aggression.

Like Ecuador and Peru, these countries have emphasized the importance of maintaining stability and peace in the Middle East, as well as the need to hold accountable those who violate international law and threaten global security.

In contrast, countries ruled by left-wing leaders such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia have remained silent, without making public statements about the attack.

Source: EITB


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