live ticker – Innsbruck: Candidates cast their votes in a sporty manner


The direct elections for the city council and mayor of Innsbruck have started. All top candidates have already cast their votes and some showed their sporty side.

The polling stations opened at 7:30 am. Voting is possible until 4:00 PM.

  • 100,564 voters were called upon to exercise their right to vote, of which 20,788 were EU citizens. They directly elect the 40-member city council and the city manager.
  • Thirteen lists compete for the favor of voters, each of whom also sends their own mayoral candidate into the race. The provisional final result (including postal vote) must be available between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM.
  • Equal attention should be paid to election turnout. In 2018, this fell to a record low since 1945 of 50.38 percent.

Second election likely
A mayoral election on April 28 is considered very likely, as none of the candidates for the mayoral seat are expected to obtain the required absolute majority of votes in the first round. Willi, who has been in power since 2018, has to worry about reaching the second election after a chaotic term with many arguments.

Series of photos from election day:

Recently, a four-way fight was expected between him, FPÖ mayoral candidate Vice Mayor Markus Lassenberger, Tursky and ex-ÖVP Vice Mayor Johannes Anzengruber, who will be running his own list. Only outsider opportunities were given to SPÖ top candidate and municipal councilor Elisabeth Mayr. Until recently, no truly valid research data existed.

Source: Krone


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