Terrible accident: woman finds dead farmer after falling into silo


Terrible accident on Wednesday evening in the lower Mühlviertel in Upper Austria: a farmer (56) fell about five meters while working on a high silo. When his wife looked for him, she found him lying motionless. The emergency doctor could only determine that he was dead.

It is not clear when exactly the 56-year-old died in Klam in the Perg district. When his wife went to check on him on Wednesday evening shortly before 10 p.m., the terrible accident had already happened.

According to the police, the farmer was working alone in a high silo in the evening. For unknown reasons, he probably fell into the reservoir, which was about five meters deep.

Resuscitation attempts
When his wife came to investigate, she found her husband motionless in the silo – and immediately called for help.

The rescue team tried to resuscitate the victim, but the emergency doctor could only determine that the 56-year-old was dead.

Source: Krone


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