Legalization in the US – 175,000 drug criminals pardoned in Maryland


Legalization in the US – 175,000 drug criminals pardoned in Maryland

Almost a year ago, the US state of Maryland legalized the possession and consumption of small amounts of cannabis. Now the governor has also instituted a mass amnesty for people with minor marijuana offenses.

“We cannot address the benefits of legalization without considering the consequences of criminalization,” said Democrat Wes Moore. Pardoning more than 175,000 people would specifically address the disproportionate impact of the US state’s previous drug policies on non-white citizens.

People with a criminal record would have difficulty finding housing, education and work. Black Americans have historically been arrested for marijuana violations at more than three times the rate of white people, according to a study by the civil rights group ACLU. “If you look at this historically, you see how laws have been deliberately used to disadvantage entire communities,” Moore said. “It’s about the tools that have led to the mass incarceration of black men and boys.”

Recreational use allowed in 24 of the 50 states
Just like in Germany, drug policy in the US is also in turmoil. The consumption and possession of marijuana is still prohibited under federal law. However, 24 of the 50 states have now legalized recreational use at the state level. The state of Massachusetts has also declared a mass amnesty. President Joe Biden, in turn, has issued federal pardons for drug crimes in recent years.

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