25 MPs there – AfD now sets up its own parliamentary group in the EU Parliament


25 MPs there – AfD now sets up its own parliamentary group in the EU Parliament

The German AfD has formed a new far-right faction in Brussels (see video above). It is called “Europe Sovereign Nations” and currently consists of 25 representatives from a total of eight countries.

Fourteen of them come from the AfD. The others are part of small parties that represent extremely nationalistic, Euro- and NATO-skeptical, anti-EU, partly pro-Russian and in one case anti-Semitic positions, and are therefore considered too extreme by many other factions.

“Program against Islamization”
According to its own statement, the Europe Sovereign Nations program is aimed “against the Green Deal, migration and the Islamization of Europe.” The group is headed by Thuringian AfD MP René Aust and Stanislaw Tyszka of the Polish Konfederacja. , which has three MPs, is represented in the alliance. AfD leader Alice Weidel said they were on friendly terms with the new parliamentary group in the European Parliament and that they had “incredible overlaps in terms of content.”

This is how the seats in the European Parliament are distributed.

Power excluded
Before the European elections, the AfD was part of a group with other right-wing parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National, but this became too extreme. After AfD top candidate Maximilian Krah said that not all SS members were criminals under National Socialism, he was excluded from the delegation. For the rest, this did not bring about any rapprochement. The entire party was thrown out of the parliamentary group.

Krah has already spoken positively about the new group, but is not allowed to be part of it. “The importance of this project is much greater than my own role; “I am therefore satisfied and without any resentment,” he clarified.

As reported, other far-right parties have only formed the “Patriots for Europe” in the EU Parliament on Monday. Among others, the FPÖ and Fidesz of Viktor Orbán are on board. They have at least 84 seats. This faction is also considered nationalist and pro-Russian.

Source: Krone


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