US sends more weapons to Ukraine


To the $1 billion package comes 225 for humanitarian aid

The same day one of the oligarchs closest to Putin suggested that Ukraine will not be on the map in two years, the US doubled its military aid to Ukraine. Another billion dollars in military aid and 225 in humanitarian aid will continue to fuel the Ukrainian resistance, which is losing ground in the Donbas region.

The official announcement came after a 41-minute phone call between President Joe Biden and his counterpart Volodimir Zelensky. Ukraine wants more than stingers and spears. The country needs advanced long-range missiles, but Washington is weighing the risks of them falling into Russian hands once its troops withdraw. The new package, which includes guided long-range launchers such as M777 howitzers, will come directly from Pentagon stockpiles for the twelfth time in nearly a year. “We cannot lower the piston, the stakes are high,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said from Brussels.

The White House fears that with the duration of the war, public opinion and especially the unity of the Allies will be lost. It is therefore strengthening links with these high-level visits, which aim to “coordinate” international efforts. Zelensky wants powerful missiles that can sink Russian ships, such as Boeing’s anti-naval BA.Ns or Raytheon Technologies’ RTX.Ns. Last April, he asked Portugal for the harpoons, which have the capacity to reach the target at 300 kilometers, because no one wants to send them first.

With these missiles, Ukraine says it wants to defend its ports and guarantee grain shipments, but the West fears an escalation of the war if scenes such as the sinking of the Moskva in the Black Sea repeat. Frustration is mounting in Kiev over it having to dribble out weapons from its allies as Russia wastes missiles and gains ground, so Zelensky has asked Biden to demonstrate his commitment to more powerful missiles.

Source: La Verdad


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