Animal use – kittens “Anni” and “Charly” rescued from a tree


Animal use Monday afternoon for fire brigade Buch in Tirol (Schwaz district): The two adventurous kittens “Anni” and “Charly” climbed a huge tree – so high that they did not dare to go back to safe ground. Once again Florianis were the saviors in need.

The three-month-old kitties clearly wanted to aim high – and chose the mighty spruce tree in their owner’s front yard. While “Anni” apparently got scared half way up the tree, which was about ten meters high, sibling “Charly” dared to climb a few meters further. But he dared not go forward or back.

Firefighters asked for help
The owner waited in vain for the two curious escapees to return and asked Buch’s volunteer fire brigade for help. It eventually arrived with two vehicles and about a dozen members.

Back on safe ground
Firefighter Patrik Aumair, who already has the best experience in rescuing animals, climbed to the two velvet legs using a scale ladder and was eventually able to return them to safe ground.

After about an hour, the operation was successfully completed. All’s well that ends well. And: I hope that the next adventurous journey of the two kitties does not end with a fire brigade again…

Source: Krone


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