Subway & expensive watering – city trees are threatened by chainsaws or death from heat


The Greens in Vienna’s ninth district sound the alarm: if new U5 views come, giant trees could fall victim to the construction. On the other hand, new trees are planted in municipal buildings, but most of them have only a short lifespan.

The Alsergrund had to lose a lot of springs in the shape of trees for the construction of the metro. About 30 trees were cut down on the Universitätsstraße last year for the construction sites and preparatory work. The Groenen district is now warning of the next attack on the already scarce street greenery.

“In March, the computer animations for the Arne-Karlsson-Park metro station were presented. With the two station buildings at the park, the photos portend evil, despite assurances that everything is being done to protect the trees. Countless large and old trees have to give way in this variant. The survival of other trees is greatly threatened by the location and duration of the construction site,” said District Vice President Josefa Molitor-Ruckenbauer and Party Leader Peter Kraus. They are now calling for a reshuffle.

Wiener Linien refers to the detailed planning that is still ongoing. In addition, but also during the work itself, there is close contact with independent tree experts. But: The Greens cannot be in favor of more public transport and then get angry when they are built.

Many young trees in community housing withered
New trees are being planted in Vienna’s municipal buildings, but most have a short lifespan. The “Future City Tree” initiative estimates that 1,000 to 3,000 trees are currently drying up in Vienna and 500 to 1,000 of them are already dead. Neighbors drew Wiener Wohnen’s attention to the problem. But they were only told that additional watering was too expensive.

Source: Krone


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