Journalist back – Kremlin protest: “Putin is a murderer”


Journalist Marina Owsyannikova, who became known for protesting on Russian state television, has again publicly positioned herself against the war in Ukraine. Ovzyannikova posted a video and photo on her Telegram channel on Friday showing her holding a sign on the Moscow waterfront. In the background, the Kremlin can be seen across the river.

“Putin is a murderer,” says the poster – and, “His soldiers are fascists.” In Ukraine, 352 children have already been murdered. “How many children have to die before you stop?”

Abandoned Boardwalk
It was initially unclear how long Ovsyannikova stood on the sidewalk with the poster in her hand and whether she was noticed by security forces. She herself has not reported any arrest. In the video, the boardwalk seemed almost deserted at the time of recording.

However, such actions are not without risk. Under a relatively new law, anyone who publicly criticizes Russia’s war against Ukraine could face several years in a prison camp for allegedly “discrediting” the Russian armed forces.

In mid-March, Ovzyannikova came across the live broadcast of state television and showed a protest poster against the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. It said, “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. You’re being lied to here.” For this, the editor, previously considered loyal to the line, received worldwide recognition. They were fined in Russia. Meanwhile, after the action, she lived abroad and reported for the German newspaper “Welt”.

Source: Krone


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