Calling help via mobile phone – men locked in car: fire brigade as heat rescuers


A Slovak (45) locked up four compatriots in a car. Fearing they would suffocate, the inmates in the car sounded the alarm on their cell phones.

“Please help us quickly! We are locked in a car on Donaueschingenstraße and can barely breathe” – one in four Slovaks aged 20 to 42 reported to the police by mobile phone on Saturday evening. The uniformed man alerted the fire brigade.

window smashed
When the emergency services arrived at the car in Brigittenau, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Because four totally exhausted men were in a car. Firefighters smashed a window and freed the quartet. An investigation showed that a Slovak (45) had made the car available to his compatriots for a few days as ’emergency shelter’ for overnight stays.

However, he denied having locked the car on purpose. Since the four friends claimed the opposite, the suspect – the presumption of innocence applies – was arrested on suspicion of deprivation of liberty. Thanks to the rapid liberation, the Slovaks did not need medical care.

Source: Krone


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