The fire brigade arrived – the woman accidentally locked a friend out on the balcony


A series of unfortunate circumstances caused the main fire station in Bad Ischl in Upper Austria to be deployed on Monday morning. A man had to be rescued from the balcony on the sixth floor of an apartment building.

At 6.21 am the comrades of the main fire station in Bad Ischl were warned of a rescue in the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Strasse. The man was on the balcony of his apartment building. His girlfriend didn’t notice, locked the balcony door, left the apartment and went to work.

Cell phone was in the apartment
When the man noticed his accident, he had to shout for help because his cell phone was in the apartment. His cries for help were heard from the Eurotherme Bad Ischl. The man’s girlfriend was then called and soon she was standing at the door of the apartment again. But that’s not all: the apartment key was still on the inside of the apartment door, so the apartment door couldn’t be unlocked.

Brought to the heat with a turntable ladder
The volunteer fire brigade was called in to help.
On site, the emergency services of the Bad Ischl main fire station were instructed by passers-by. After a brief reconnaissance of the situation, Commander ABI had Jochen Eisl put the turntable ladder into position. With this, the comrades who moved in managed to bring the person down from the balcony. Since the temperatures are even lower in the mornings, the longer stay on the balcony was an icy affair for the man, who had a blanket with him on the balcony.

The operation was over after an hour.

Source: Krone


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