With stone and knife – brothel guest panics and attacks operator


A Slovak raged in a brothel. First he broke furniture and mirrors, then he attacked the head of the establishment with a knife and a stone (!).

A usually quiet patron of a brothel in Vienna-Leopoldstadt panicked in the “Studio bei Zanet” on Saturday evening. At first, the clearly aggressive admirer reacted to the layout of the red light district. The frenzy (29) used a stone he had brought as a tool. He smashed mirrors with it, knocked over tables and chairs, and smashed everything to pieces.

But then the man’s anger turned to the owner of the establishment. The enraged even pulled a knife. And with the knife in one hand and the stone in the other, the rioters attacked the 46-year-old woman. He managed to hit his defenseless victim several times with the stone.

Raging tears free and dives into hiding
Now, however, some employees and local guests came to the aid of the completely shocked and already slightly injured victim. Together they managed to separate the rager from the woman. Although brave helpers tried to hold the enraged man, he immediately broke free.

Apparently, having noticed that other guests had in the meantime alerted the police via mobile phone, the Slovak fled the restaurant and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Despite the alarm search, he initially remained as if swallowed by the earth.

Source: Krone


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