Brazen rip-off – need for a toilet costs no less than 3400 euros


It was an outrageous amount that an employee of a dubious sanitary emergency service had stolen from two Tyroleans in Telfs (Innsbruck-Land district) on Saturday. As the “Krone” now discovered, the cheeky scammer raised a whopping 3400 euros. For this he cleaned a toilet drain. A manhunt is underway for the suspect.

Everyone is familiar with such a situation: a drain is clogged in the bathroom or – worse – in the toilet. The day of the week makes it even more difficult: on Saturdays, the installers in Tyrol closed almost everywhere. It’s really serious now.

Two Telfers found themselves in such a difficult position on Saturday afternoon. Since their toilet was clogged and the two seemed unable to clean up the mess themselves, they urgently needed professional help.

Dubious internet provider
According to the police, they searched online for an emergency sanitary service and found what they were looking for on the internet under a supposedly harmless local mobile number (with the area code 0676). In the afternoon the expert appeared. He was “armed” with a piston – a rubber suction cup on a wooden handle, which almost every household has.

“Expert” demanded thousands of euros
For about 15 minutes, the “professional” tampered with the clogged toilet. Then the drain was cleared again. Task completed.

Before leaving, the man billed his services. As the “Krone” found out, he demanded an incredible 3,400 euros from the customers! Apparently taken by surprise, the Telfers paid the amount for 15 minutes of toilet cleaning with a plunger.

Didn’t happen for the first time
Later, however, the two had reservations about the height, they called the police. But they are burnt children: in July they had already paid a high three-digit amount to a sanitary emergency service to have the same toilet cleared.

According to the police, the worker spoke German with an unfamiliar German accent. He has dark hair, a dark beard and is at least 180 cm tall. He would come from the Essen area. By the way: such usury carries a maximum prison sentence of three years!

Source: Krone


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