Torrential rain kills nearly 80 in Yemen


The United Nations estimates that some 35,000 families in 85 municipalities have been affected by the inclement weather

The brutality of the weather, exacerbated by climate change, has dealt a severe blow to Yemen, where at least 77 people have been killed by torrential rains. In total, according to United Nations estimates, about 35,000 families were affected by the ferocious weather between July 27 and August 10; another crisis in a country ravaged by war and famine: the greatest humanitarian catastrophe.

So far, the heavy rains have hit 85 municipalities across the country, according to data processed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Area (OCHA Yemen). Many families have been displaced by the storm and have been provided with tents, mattresses and bedding, as well as food and other necessities after their homes have been damaged.

But the problem is not over. According to the forecasts, the UN fears that the severe storm will last at least until next week. That is expected until next Saturday. OCHA Yemen expects torrential rains to affect another 20,000 people in the country in the coming days, while authorities fear more deaths as a result.

The same situation is also occurring in Guatemala, where about 30 people have been killed by the storm. The National Disaster Relief Coordinator has described in a general report that there are twenty-eight dead, fourteen injured and four missing. More than 30,000 civilians have been treated by emergency services, while some 10,000 residents have been evacuated. In total, more than two million have been affected.

Most of the victims have been recorded in the northern cities of Alta Verapaz and Huehuetenango, and in the southern Escuintla and Zacapa. The most damaged areas are indigenous villages. According to the authorities’ balance sheet, seventeen bridges and five highways, as well as hundreds of buildings, have been destroyed by the Polochic River overflow.

Source: La Verdad


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