Especially in the east – despite changeable weather up to 37 degrees!


In the coming week it will be really warm again, especially in Eastern Austria with up to 37 degrees! Just in time for the following weekend, however, it cools down again. Even isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible.

ben assembly Scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms develop in the morning. Further east, however, the sun spreads out more and more and it remains largely dry. Dense clouds can only occur in some areas in the eastern mountains and hills. The maximum temperatures are between 24 and 32 degrees – especially in the east it gets very hot.

In many regions I am Tuesday the sun and it stays warm in summer. The mountains and hills in the eastern half of Austria are most likely to have a few cumulus clouds during the day. Early temperatures are between 12 and 21 degrees. The whole day can then be reached up to 32 degrees.

Sunny weather and cloudless it stays on Wednesday in many parts of Austria. Only a few high veil clouds pass through the land. Only above the mountains do the cumulus clouds become stronger during the day. It can get hot up to 34 degrees.

ben Thursday it is still quite sunny in the morning, despite some clouds. During the day, however, there will be showers and thunderstorms in the west and southwest. During the day it generally remains sunny and very warm in the eastern half with up to 37 degrees.

In the western half of Austria, Freitag then gradually a cold front – including heavy showers. Over the course of the day, the risk of rain and thunderstorms will continue to increase significantly before generally sustained rain spreads from the west. Lively to strong winds are blowing all over Austria. The early temperatures are between 13 and 22 degrees. The maximum values ​​reach a maximum of 26 degrees.

Source: Krone


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