Neuburger Innovation – After criticism: New design for meatless product


Instead of several products, there is only one that leaves it up to the consumer to decide how to live a meat-free diet! With the Fungi Pad, Thomas and Hermann Neuburger celebrated their comeback in the meatless sector at the end of March 2023. The exciting packaging design is now history again.

Huge increases in the costs of raw materials, energy and transport make it impossible to maintain business operations in their current form. This is how Hermann and Thomas Neuburger justified the end of their meatless production in March 2022 only to start again a year later: with the Fungi Pad.

The Ulrichsbergers describe their product as a ‘next level meat alternative’, made from king oyster mushrooms, rice, vegetable oil, organic eggs, salt and pepper. With a very reduced presentation that was more reminiscent of medical devices, the restart caused quite a stir.

“We wanted to distinguish the Fungi Pad from other foods with the original packaging,” emphasizes Hermann Neuburger. The criticized design is now history.

Goal: “To make you want to try out the Fungi Pad”
Neuburger says: “When redesigning the packaging, we thought it was important that the Fungi Pad was faster and, if possible, recognizable at first glance as a meat alternative. That is not so easy with a product that offers more than 100 different preparation options. The most important thing for us is that people want to try the Fungi Pad.”

“Quiet revolution that aims to bring about lasting change”
How to be happy with the comeback? “For us, the focus is not on quick success,” says Hermann Neuburger, who speaks of a “quiet revolution intended to bring about lasting change.” The Mühlviertel team currently starts in Germany, followed by Belgium.

Mushrooms are real “warming mushrooms”
Currently, more than 12 tons of mushrooms are grown in Ulrichsberg every month. The king oyster mushrooms appear to be real super talents. “As they grow, the mushrooms release heat, which we feed into our own system and use to heat our buildings,” says Thomas Neuburger.

Source: Krone


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