Filming begins in South Belfast for Dylan Moran’s new BBC comedy series Stuck


Filming the new South Parade series “Stuck” with Dylan Moran

Filming of a new BBC comedy series starring Dylan Moran has begun in South Belfast.

The series, titled Stuck, is written by Moran and starring Irish actress Morgana Robinson. It will launch on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer later this year. Produced by Hat Trick Productions, the series is described as “sometimes a surreal sitcom about Dennis and Carla’s relationship, starring two lead actors/

Filming of the show was taking place at home on South Parade Street in South Belfast, across pit road.

Southern Parade “Stuck” starring Dylan Moran

Shooting vehicles and the group were seen at the scene on Monday morning.

According to the source, filming will continue throughout the week, and they hope to continue filming in other areas of the region.

Speaking earlier this month, Moran said he was “happy” with filming the series and left for Belfast to shoot it.

south view photography

January added: I am excited to be working on a dress-up comedy at Hat Rack and heading to Belfast to shoot our crazy little series. Morgana is a female army of comic force and the little Luke gang we’ve discovered make up a very talented pinata. awesome.

“I’m good at this because I know our brilliant director Ian Fitzgibbon specializes in extracting magic, even from heaps like me breathing their foreheads and hitting walls. Take a look at it.”

south view photography

Stock’s description reads: “Danny and Carla are at a crossroads. Danny has just been released and Carla wonders if that’s all you can expect from life. Add their age difference and she’ll reappear on stage Carla’s ex-girlfriend Maya, I don’t ask ‘They They feel trapped.”

Source: Belfastlive


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