The danger we overlook…


Young people tearing flags from poles, hate slogans on social media and demonstrations that are probably not just about a free Gaza: the war in Israel is also a challenge for us in Austria! Our society is drifting apart. But with solidarity and shock we overlook a glaring danger…

The student who tore the Israeli flag from the old town hall in Linz was a 14-year-old Syrian. The two accomplices also have a migration background. Another young Syrian, a 14-year-old from Graz, called for violence on the occasion of the war in Israel. And that’s just a small excerpt from recent incidents…

Young migrants rushing – dangerous!
It is truly alarming to see the dangerous potential that lies dormant in many young people with a migrant background. They can barely understand the full scope of world politics – and yet they are still busy with it! If they also receive confirmation of their extremism on social networks, it becomes worrying. Youthful recklessness and radicalism are not a good idea!

Not everyone is a Hamas sympathizer
The situation is now even worse because of the war in Israel. Under the guise of pro-Palestinian concerns, there are also radical agitators who – as evidenced by the incidents of recent weeks – have completely different interests than just the well-being of the Palestinians. It will be a challenge to make a distinction here. Not everyone who wants a free Gaza is a dangerous Hamas supporter!

Banning demonstrations would only worsen the situation
This distinction will become even more important in the coming weeks. If the Palestinians, who are also suffering losses in this terrible war, do not feel heard with the ban on demonstrations, etc., no one should be surprised if extreme views find fertile ground. They will certainly be heard on social networks – and that is even less controllable…

Have we learned from the night of terror in 2020?
Worryingly, Austria now has the second highest level of terror alert due to the war in the Middle East. We must take the new threat situation seriously. And avoid the mistakes we made in 2020…

Source: Krone


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