Interview with Josu Erkoreka, Minister of Security, on Radio Euskadi, September 14


According to the first deputy lehendakari and security councilor of the Basque government, crimes related to the internet have increased “in a diabolical way”, requiring an increasingly extensive training of agents to deal with this type of action.

Euskaraz irakurri: Ertzainen Perfilak egokitzea ezinbestekoa ikusten du Erkorekak, Internetekin lotutako delituei aurre egiteko

A recent study by the security department of the Basque government concludes that in the Basque Country, one in five crimes investigated by the Ertzaintza takes place via the Internet, especially cyber fraud, which is already responsible for 89% of all computer crime. Faced with this scenario, the First Deputy Lehendakari and Security Councilor of the Basque Government, Jose Erkorekasees the need to adapt profiles in Ertzaintza’s workforce to combat these criminal acts.

“Internet crime is increasing in a diabolical way; scams, identity theft, harassment and threats are crimes that are multiplying. There is no denying that agents need to have a different profile and training must be adapted to the new crimes,” he explained in a statement. interview in the program “Boulevard” of Radio Euskadi.

Along with computer crime, and though to a lesser extent, crimes against sexual freedom, injury and property crime have also increased in the past year, but Erkoreka has assured that “Basque Country is a fairly safe country” and “crime rates here are lower than other advanced countries.” ” in the area.

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Source: EITB


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