ERC and PSC reach a budget agreement after three months of negotiations


For example, the Catalan executive provides the parliamentary majority necessary to approve budgets, increasing the resources of the Generalitat for 2023 by about €3.1 billion.

Euskaraz irakurri: Aurrekontu acordioa lortu dute ERCk et PSCk, hiru hilabetez negoziatzen aritu osteon

The government of Catalonia and the PSC have reached an agreement agreement About the Budgets of the Generalitat by 2023 after three months of negotiations, government sources have reported.

This pact is added to the pact concluded with the municipalities in December and thus the Catalan government ensures the parliamentary majority necessary to approve the budgets, which increase the resources of the Generalitat by 3,100 million euros by 2023.

The agreement ends for some talk who last week unraveled the transfer of ERC with the B-40 project in El Vallès (Barcelona), one of the conditions demanded by the socialists to guarantee the bills.

The agreement is included in a first document on the accounts, in which the commitments are included industry, health, science, renewables, dependence, education and securityamong others, and another text on major infrastructures.

Therefore, the government and the PSC have committed to moving towards the “modernization of the Barcelona El Prat Airportparallel to the development and protection of the Delta del Llobregat”.

The first secretary of the PSC, Salvador sickconfirmed that the budget deal “moves Catalonia from the slowness to action“, via a proposal he called minimal.

“This agreement is not a legislative agreement,” Illa stressed in a parliamentary appearance, also saying that the pact was made with a view to the complicated moment which, according to him, crosses Catalonia.

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Source: EITB


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