Red Light Party – ‘No, there’s no talking in the brothel’


Brothel boss Christoph Lielacher wants to shake up the political arena with the party “Rot.Licht”. In the first TV interview with, he reveals what he stands for, what election treats he wants to hand out during the election campaign and whether there are any party events in the “Funpalast”.

Christoph Lielacher, the head of several Viennese sauna clubs, is said to have persuaded the current political situation to set up his own party. However, he does not want to see his “Red.Light” party as a protest movement. And he doesn’t want to mix his politics with his bourgeois job, the brothels. “I’m not denying where I’m from, but you have to do something now!”.

What optional treats will be available from the “Red.Light” party…
For this reason, there will be no party events in its establishments. And no optional treats like vouchers to visit a brothel. Then why the significant party name “Red.Light”? “People don’t care what the name of the party is! I’ve already received 50 WhatsApps from people texting me, ‘I choose you!'”. Plus, you have to put up with “insults” anyway, so he still prefers the red light attribution.

Brothel boss wants to become chancellor
In any case, his goal is to become chancellor. He wants to act as a mediator between the parties and propose constructive solutions. He has nothing against the FPÖ, Herbert Kickl is a “very intelligent person” for him, but the “rough tone” should improve. Should he come to power, he would be open to all coalition variants, he would prefer the ÖVP or the FPÖ.

See the full interview above!

Source: Krone


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