Can deal fail? – Time is of the essence: states are stepping up pressure on the federal government


The federal states are stepping up pressure on the federal government. Time is running out: the budgets have to be drawn up in the autumn. Can the deal still fail?

Theatrical thunder is part of the distribution of taxpayers’ money between the federal and state governments, but this time it’s serious. Because it involves a lot, a lot of money. The federal states are asking for 35 to 40 billion euros for financing health, care and educational institutions and for climate protection. The federal government is offering ten billion.

The federal government has already rejected ten nominations
The mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, threatened with a constitutional complaint in the “Krone” this weekend. The heads of country want to hold an extraordinary conference of state governors in early September. Finance Minister Magnus Brunner has “rejected a dozen invitations to do so”, reports an angry country representative. Time is pressing: an agreement must be reached in the autumn, because the federal states must draw up their budgets. Brunner says progress in the negotiations is easier in a round with four country representatives.

Failure is not an option for the countries
A failure and thus a continuation of the financial settlement is out of the question for the state governors. That would be the worst option for the federal states, Health Minister Johannes Rauch recently emphasized. He is currently fighting for health care reform. The content here is not far apart. But that’s not the only construction site.

Experts advocate expanding childcare
Both the financing of nursing care and the establishment of the necessary nursing staff are unresolved. Education experts are also urging the expansion of childcare for the youngest. According to reports, negotiations are stalled here.

Source: Krone


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