The Lehendakari criticizes the ‘populism’ of the unions as if public money is ‘unlimited’


In an opinion article, Iñigo Urkullu assures that “not all public money can be used to pay only the salaries of civil servants” and that financing is also necessary for private companies, self-employed people or cooperatives.

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Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has criticized the “populism” of the ELA, LAB and CC unions. OO., Steilas, SATSE and Esk for their call strikes in the public sector behave like If resources were “unlimited”.“and there was no need to also finance private companies, self-employed persons or cooperatives.

In the writing, entitled “Euskadi: errealitatea VS populismoa” (Euskadi: reality VS populism), the Lehendakari claims that the principle of realism as public money – the ‘savings of citizens’, he describes – is limited and therefore must be managed taking into account the following: ‘Not all public money, the savings of citizens, can be used to pay only the wage costs of civil servants . At least, our model. We assume that our resources are limited and, taking that into account, we try every day to improve our public services and the conditions of government workers. In doing so, we of course make it clear that in order to move forward as a society it is essential to save, invest and protect the business world,” he added.

Urkullu criticizes this attitude “irresponsible and very dangerous” of those who present a Euskadi with public services “in decline”, working conditions in the public sector “deteriorating” or “constant” privatizations in public services. “The populism does not provide objective data They don’t even mention sources,” he criticizes.

According to the Lehendakari, this populism “can shake our well-being. People should not be used to defend one’s own interests. It is not legitimate to mislead people,” he warns.

For that image “catastrophist“, facilitates economic growth data over the past ten years and the improvement in investment over that period. For example, he mentions the increase in GDP by 30%, the decrease in unemployment by almost 10 points or the increase in healthcare expenditure per person by almost 1,000 euros.

Source: EITB


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