Gipuzkoa approves the tax on large fortunes with the support of PNV, PSE-EE and Podemos


The Foral Norm that has seen the light has been retouched by PNV and PSE-EE in order to approve it, since these parties do not have a majority. EH Bildu abstained from voting and the PP voted against. The plenary rejected a partial amendment from the sovereigntist coalition.

The plenary meeting of the General Assemblies of Gipuzkoa today gave the green light to the tax on large fortunes by approving the opinion of the Finance Commission with the votes of PNV, PSE-EE and Elkarrekin Podemos, the abstention of EH Bildu and the rejection of the PP.

The draft of the provincial standard for the temporary solidarity tax of the great fortunes of the historical territory of Gipuzkoa has completed its processing this Thursday, which has been carried out through the emergency procedure to ensure its entry into force on January 1.

The plenary rejected a partial amendment that EH Bildu has maintained, in which the sovereign formation proposed to introduce a maximum rate of 3.5% from 11 million euros in assets.

The Foral Standard that has seen the light has been retouched by PNV and PSE-EE to approve it, since these parties they don’t have a majority in General Assemblies and require the support of some opposition group.

In this case it was Elkarrekin We can download it who reached an agreement to reduce the liquidable base for the tariff by 3.50% from the 16 million that appeared in the original project to 14.5 million.

So will the new tax, which will be temporary and will be declared in the 2024 revenue campaign complementary to Heritage so that double taxation does not occur and a dozen taxpayers in Gipuzkoa will be affected, with a positive tax collection effect of about 300,000 euros.

Source: EITB


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