Holocaust Remembrance Day – Van der Bellen: Confronting hatred every day


On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen warned that anti-Semitism, hatred and incitement must be fought not only on this day, but every day.

“If Austria is serious about saying: ‘Never again’, it must show it. Every day again,” said Van der Bellen in a video published on Saturday.

“Be against all forms of anti-Semitism”
“Especially now, when enemies of our open society, enemies of liberal democracy, are gaining more and more strength, we cannot remain indifferent to anti-Semitism, agitation and hatred,” the Federal President warned.

He spoke of Austria’s “eternal responsibility to take a strict and decisive position against any form of anti-Semitism with deep conviction.”

Actively strengthen liberal democracy
It is important to “look carefully every day and do everything we can to stop anti-democratic and authoritarian trends that violate human dignity in a timely and decisive manner.”

According to Van der Bellen, we must take a stand every day when people are humiliated and those who think differently are ridiculed. Liberal democracy must be actively cultivated and strengthened.

Source: Krone


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