The PP wins again with an absolute majority


To reach an absolute majority, 38 seats are needed and currently the PP would have 40, two fewer than in the last elections. The BNG is the second party with the most votes and would win 25 seats, six more than in the previous elections. In addition, Democracia Ourensana has secured a seat.

He color blue has once again predominated as a favorite color Galician elections. Since the autonomous community was founded 43 years ago, the Popular Party has ruled for 38 years, and while some opinion polls predicted this could sound winds of changethe reality is that in next Sunday’s elections The popular ones won again and by a large margin.

When 85% of the votes had been counted, the PP He has won 40 seats, two fewer than before, but more than enough to continue ruling the Xunta alone, as the absolute majority stands at 38 seats.

He BNG by Ana Pontón is the second most voted, achieved a great result and went from 19 to 25 seats, six more.

The Socialist Party of José Manu Gómez Besteiro (PSdG) came third, gaining nine representatives after losing five seats.

Neither Add neither Can have achieved representation in the Galician Parliament, while Ourense democracy has taken over one of the seats on the semicycle for the first time in history.

We continue to update the information.

Source: EITB


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