But doesn’t want chaos – “Breach of trust!”: Chancellor angry with the Greens


But doesn’t want chaos – “Breach of trust!”: Chancellor angry with the Greens

According to Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP), Green Party Minister Leonore Gewessler committed a “violation of the law” and a “serious breach of trust” by approving the EU renaturation law. But he does not want to end the coalition prematurely. Because: “I don’t want the country to sink into chaos.”

Nehammer also wanted to send ‘clear words’ to the government partner from Brussels: ‘Today we witnessed that a minister has broken the law.’ This ‘violation of the law’ must also be punished, the head of government explained, referring to both the annulment procedure and the abuse of office action. But despite the “serious breach of trust”, Nehammer does not want to prematurely end cooperation between the government and the Greens so as not to allow the country to “sink into chaos”. The Chancellor explained that the game of free forces would cost taxpayers billions.

Greens have shown their “true colours”.
The ÖVP leader also took a deep look into his emotional world and emphasized that the Greens had shown “their true colors.” They would sacrifice the law for their ideologies. If you asked him on an emotional level, the answer would be, “It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Nehammer also commented on Platform X:

The fact that no well-known ÖVP federal politician has publicly used the word “coalition break” does not mean that there is no internal thought about leaving the unpopular coalition. A number of people in the party were so angry that they pushed for an end, as was heard behind closed doors on Monday. On the other hand, however, there are only three and a half months to go until the National Council elections. In the remaining time, there are still many things that the ÖVP wants to get done – several projects are ready for resolution in the National Council, and they also want to arrange the appointment of the EU Commissioner.

The question is actually about how Chancellor and ÖVP leader Karl Nehammer wants to position himself in the election campaign, the party heard. By leaving the coalition so close to the elections, even though they have always assured that they will continue for the entire term of office, Nehammer could be interpreted as chaos by the competition during the election campaign.

The leaders of the countries are cautious for the time being
While Vorarlberg’s state governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) had already spoken about a ‘break in the coalition’ on Sunday in the run-up to the vote in Brussels, the other state leaders were somewhat more reserved. A ministerial charge over Gewessler’s approval, which would require identical resolutions from all state parliaments, is not being aggressively advanced by the states, at least at this time.

This is stated in the controversial law
The Council of EU Environment Ministers approved the controversial renaturation law with a narrow majority on Monday. In the future, as a first step, Member States will have to submit plans to move at least 30 percent of defined habitats from “poor” to “good” status by 2030. In addition, a fifth of land and sea areas must be restored by 2030. There should be more biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems.

The current version takes into account some criticisms from agriculture. For example, there are exceptions when it comes to the need to produce sufficient food.

Source: Krone


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