3-0: Uruguay advance steadily in the South American Sub 20


The Uruguayan team continued to advance this Tuesday at a steady pace in South American Sub’20 of Colombia and beat 3-0 in Venezuelawho sank to the bottom of the table and failed to show his best version under the leadership of the Argentine coach Fabrizio Coloccini.

The front Luciano Rodríguezof Liverpool The Uruguayan, scored a double making him the top scorer of the tournament with three goals along with the Brazilian Victor Roque, while the other goal for La Celeste is the work of the midfielder Fabricio Diaz.

The game was intense in the first half, where strong play prevailed and every ball was contested with full force. In this context, the team Marcelo Broli it began to become clearer and he approached for the first time with a bang from the steering wheel Rodrigo Chagas with a free kick saved by the goalkeeper Francisco Benitez.

The 1-0 came in the 23rd minute when the goalkeeper randall rodriguez He lingered and, after a tussle between the Venezuelan center-backs René Rivas Y Rafael Uzcateguithe ball is wide awake Luciano Rodríguezwho in a press beat the goalkeeper of Caracas.

The group of colocini He did not lower his arms and came close to 37 with a long-distance shot from the midfielder andres romero which was saved by the Uruguayan goalkeeper, who at that time was already one of the figures of the match.

In that context, Uruguay got the second goal in a good collective play where renzo sanchez Y Diaz They created a wall that ended with a shot from the second to knock down, again, the resistance of the Venezuelan goalkeeper.

For the second stage, colocini decided to move the bank to try to get a discount, but it went wrong. come in Wikelman Carmona Y Kevin Kelly, who only lasted on the pitch for two minutes as he received two yellow cards in less than 60 seconds. The battering ram boston river of Uruguay he became the first to be eliminated from the tournament.

So, the second half is a procedure for Uruguaythat made it 3-0 on a play where Chagas he dropped the ball to the side of the area for Rodriguezwho finished first and thus converted one of the best goals of the 1964 championship so far.

In this result, Uruguay leads Group B with six points, followed by Ecuador with four, Bolivian with three, chilli with one and Venezuela no units.

On the fourth day, scheduled for Thursday, Celeste will face La Verde, while Vinotinto will play La Tri at the stadium. Deportivo Cali.

Source: La Verdad


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