Aston Martin-Ferrari war after the incident between Alonso and Sainz: Protest and possible punishment!


This Saturday’s day was closed in controversy at the Chinese GP. The incident between Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, who engaged in a good fight three laps from the end of the sprint race that ended in contact and damaging both, created an atmosphere of tension that rose again when the British team He filed a protest because Sainz continued to participate in Q2 after crashing and causing a red flag.

In the opinion of Aston Martin, this represents a violation of article 39.6 of the regulationswhich says: “Any driver whose car stops on the track during the qualifying session (…) will not be allowed to participate in that session again.”

The organization called representatives of both teams to testify before the commissioners about this complaint at 12 noon Spanish peninsular time.

The specialist media pointed out that Sainz was allowed to continue in the classification because ‘Stop’, in the context of that article, refers to cars being pulled back into the street by the garage.

Sainz, who slipped on the gravel at the last corner of the track, was able to restart his car and reach the pits, where he replaced the front wing he lost when he hit the barrier. which allowed him to advance to Q2 and set a creditable third best time in his first and only attempt.although in the final round (Q3) he dropped to seventh place.

It should be noted that Fernando Alonso, driver of the complainant team and in third place on the grid tomorrow, received a ten second penalty and three ‘super license’ points after the incident with Sainz in the morning sprint racea decision described by the Asturian as “unbelievable.”

The double world champion assured that “these penalties are not understood and I do not share (them), especially in the case of license points: “Such an incredible penalty has never been done again.”

For this reason, he thought, “you wonder if in the next sprint race you want to run too, because for the points that are being awarded (high eight) and that we don’t have the tires we will use tomorrow (throughout Sunday’s race), it was almost worth not going out.”

Alonso started the reduced race in third position after a qualifying in which he was “quite competitive”, but ended up being the only driver to retire after suffering a puncture in the right front tire two laps from the end, along with Sainz’s car set damage.

There was an exchange of statements between the two Spanish drivers in the championship: Alonso said that the Madrid native left him “without room” on a track and that he paid him with the same coin, a maneuver that, in the opinion of Sainz , are too “optimistic” and “spend their careers together.”

Source: La Verdad


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