Tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: prices and where to buy them


Some Olympic Games They are a unique event. On his return to Europe after 12 years, expectations were maximum. Paris to host the Games exceeded all expectations in the first phase of ticket sales. Tony Estanguet, president of the organizing committee, expressed his satisfaction in this matter. “This is the biggest sale of tickets for a sporting event ever in France,” he said.

Tickets can be purchased through the event’s official website. Thanks for a easy and intuitive search engine, fans can filter directly by city, sport, date, venue and price. This way you get all the available possibilities. It is also possible to indicate whether you want a ticket for an event where medals are decided.

The price range is from 24 euros for the most affordable tickets to 2700 euros, the most expensive. They coincide with the opening ceremony, which for the first time in history will not take place in a stadium. On July 26, representatives from each country will parade boats across the Seine, the iconic river that divides the French capital.

Source: La Verdad


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