New regulations of the loan market


The transfer of players has been the most common method used by clubs with fewer financial resources to strengthen themselves in recent years, but at the same time it has caused the most powerful monopoly of footballers, even using the their subsidiaries, which throughout the year resulted in the collapse of the market and became a barrier to young people coming out of the quarries. So the FIFA approved in January a new regulation which began on July 1 and the limits predict a change in the way transactions are conducted in the coming years.

the general spirit This new law is to develop young players, promote balance in competition and prevent hoarding or accumulation of footballers. The highest body in the world of football gives their respective national federations a period of three years to implement their own system of transition governed by international principles. Exempt from the new regulatory framework is footballers up to 21 years old and those trained by the club itself. Youth players are considered people who have spent at least three seasons in the lower categories between 15 and 21 years old.

progressive reduction

One of the key points of this new regulation is the limit on the number of players that each club can loan. Its application will be progressive to reduce the amount over the next three years. Thus, from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, a club can lend a maximum of eight professionals and include eight on loan at any time in a season. This number will drop to seven in the period from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024, while from July 2024 it will be six.

not more than a year

They are not the only approved standards. Assignments may not take more than one year, which will be an interval equal to two registration periods.

Third parties are prohibited

It is also prohibited to lend a professional player who is already indebted to a third club.

Three in one club

A rule will also enter to limit the number of transfers between two particular clubs per season. Thus, only three professional footballers can be loaned to a particular club and three professional footballers from the same club can be loaned at any time in a season.

To carry out all of the above, it will be necessary to sign an agreement specifying the terms of the transfer, in particular its duration and economic conditions. The FIFA it aims to protect the Federation from this type of transactions to avoid any kind of ‘traps’.

Source: La Verdad


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