Four out of ten Spaniards think about changing their car for an electric bicycle or scooter


Vulnerable users, who already account for 80% of urban fatalities

Devices such as electric scooters have become an ideal mode of transport for traveling only within urban areas. In addition, it is a device committed to respecting the environment and promoting the construction of infrastructures such as bicycle paths, which allow more sustainable mobility in cities.

According to the study ‘The Spanish consumer faced with the challenge of sustainability’, conducted by Observatorio Cetelem, sustainable urban mobility is important to 70% of the respondents. In fact, 42% have considered changing their private combustion mode to use some form of urban mobility transport, such as a bicycle or electric scooter, and 25% of those surveyed say they plan to buy one of these modes of transport. Along the same lines, the “New Urban Mobility and Road Safety” report, conducted by Fundación Línea Directa, indicates that 72% of our country’s citizens confirm that they have changed the way they travel in recent years.

This assumes as a point to take into account the increase in accidents in cities which reached 42% from 2011 to 2019 (excluding 2020, the year of COVID), with almost 4,700 deaths (+13.5%). Very striking is the case of vulnerable users, who already account for 80% of the traffic deaths in the city (2020) and especially those of cyclists and VMP users, two groups that counted almost 7,000 victims last year and a contribution accounted for 10% of the total number of vulnerable users who died on urban roads.

The Fundación Línea Directa also wanted to know Spaniards’ perception of the changes taking place in regulations and in the way of moving in cities, through a survey of 1,700 people from across the country. It can be deduced from this that more than 17 million Spaniards (44%) admit to being regular or occasional users of a VMP or an electric bicycle and 60% consider it likely to start using them in the short term. The main reasons: the rise in fuel prices and urban restrictions on cars.

However, the new mobility also has brakes: 69% find electric cars economically “unfeasible” and the new regulations do not only please some of the users of electric scooters. 38% say they will stop using their VMP because of the helmet requirement and 24% because of the ban on riding on sidewalks. In addition, another 50% would not take their vehicle again if they had to get a permit or register it.

Given this increase in users, Anovo proposes 5 maintenance tips to extend the life of electric scooters:

⦁ Pay attention to the needs of the battery. To keep the battery healthy, it is recommended to use the original charger and not to completely discharge the vehicle. In addition, as with the rest of electronic devices, it is advisable to comply with full charge cycles.

⦁ Check the wheels regularly. In this sense, it is very important to maintain the pressure levels predetermined by the manufacturer and to carry out periodic checks using a pressure gauge. Always use original wheels, because in many cases the suspension system of the scooter is located in the wheels, so that the parts of the scooter are not mechanically loaded or even broken.

⦁ Clean the electric scooter well. The best option for cleaning these devices is to use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust on the scooter. However, as it is an electric vehicle, it should not be washed with water as it may cause irreparable damage.

⦁ Do not use the scooter on rainy days. Just as it is not recommended to expose the scooter to pressurized water, it should also not be used when it is raining, as the water can damage the internal parts of the vehicle.

⦁ Regularly visit workshops and technical services approved by the manufacturer. The complexity of operating an electric scooter requires certain maintenance tasks to be performed in official repair centers. In particular, it is advisable to call on approved technical services so that their technicians are specialized in the repair of this type of device and have the necessary technology to repair it, always using original parts, so that users can maintain the device’s warranty.

Source: La Verdad


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