Storm drama – All of Carinthia mourns the death of two girls


After the violent storm, the shock in the Lavanttal is still deep. All of Carinthia mourns with the affected families the loss of two girls, aged three and eight, who were hit by a tree and killed while playing in the St. Andräer swimming lake.

Politicians have also been deeply affected by the tragedy at Lake St. Andrä. “It’s the worst thing you can imagine as a politician when something like this happens in your own community. The bewilderment is omnipresent,” said Maria Knauder, mayor of St. Andrä, visibly shaken.

Hurricane-force storm causes suffering and destruction
Mettersdorfer See has been used for bathing for 30 years and is very popular with numerous visitors – young and old. About 400 swimmers were also present on Thursday when a hurricane storm wreaked havoc and devastation. “I want to thank all emergency services who responded so professionally. The collaboration worked,” says Knauder.

“I was still nearby on the morning of the accident. When the news reached me, I was at the Salzburg Festival. My condolences go out to the families, it’s just terrible,” said Governor Peter Kaiser, who concluded after the tragedy in Lavanttal: “This terrible incident shows that the forces of nature are sometimes unpredictable.”

Therefore, the focus on civil protection needs to be further tightened. “In particular, there must be individual rules of conduct, such as those that must be applied to different accidents,” says the country manager.

Source: Krone


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