Siemens Gamesa and the unions will discuss the planned adjustment in the Spanish state at the employment table on Thursday


The meeting will take place in Zamudio. The adjustment will affect 475 jobs in the Spanish state. The unions link a possible agreement that there will be “no traumatic redundancy” and the company aims to “minimize unwanted departures”.

Siemens Gamesa Y labor unions will speak this Thursday, October 13 Zamudioin the context of employment tablethe negotiations on the planned adjustment in the Spanish state, according to union sources.

On October 4, there was a company telematics meeting with CC’s union sections. OO., UGT and ELA across the Spanish state, where the company offered some details about this adjustment, which will affect 475 jobs, within a broader plan. In total, it wants to cut 2,900 jobs worldwide, as part of its strategic program ‘Mistral’.

At that meeting, Siemens Gamesa informed unions that of this adjustment of 475 jobs, 80 correspond to temporary jobs that will not be renewed, 43 are natural rotation positions that “disappear over time” and 352 layoffs in offices. Of the 80 temporary and the other 43 positions, it is not yet known whether they will also be in the office or not.

It was also confirmed that the Gamesa Electric and Gamesa Energy Transmission business units will not be affected, either in offices or factories. Gamesa Energy Transmission, the gearbox, is located in Mungia and Ateasu.

“No traumatic discharge”

The adjustment plan, as already announced, will be developed in two years’ time and the company has called the employment table for Thursday to reach an agreement, which must happen for the unions “because there is no traumatic redundancy”. CC is called again at that table. OO., ELA and UGT, on the trade union side.

For its part, the company has said it will try to find non-traumatic exits through relocations, incentivized layoffs and early retirement, with the aim of “minimizing unwanted exits”.

In this rule, the President of the Government of Navarre, María Chiviteand the Business Development Director, Mikel Irujo, have requested a meeting with Siemens Gamesa to maintain employment in the company, which operates in Navarra. Sarriguren’s offices are expected to be affected by the adaptation plan.

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Source: EITB


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