Can summer heat be stored for winter?


Storing summer heat until winter – at least that would solve the current heating problem. But is that also possible? In theory certainly, says author and chemist Christian Mähr in his new “Krone” series “Between Heaven and Earth”. The scientist also explains what a can of ravioli has to do with all this.

In the most recent crisis, a few people actually came up with the idea of ​​storing the excess heat of the summer in the winter: solar heat from collectors is intended to replace the missing fossil heat (oddly enough, it comes as gas from Siberia) . According to the various media representations, this should be considered a completely revolutionary concept – a lot of research is still needed, it says, for example, otherwise the groundwater might be heated by the hot water storage tanks. There are large underground basins, the gigantic storage tanks above the ground should not be noticed.

But is this idea really new? not really! The “seasonal large-scale heat storage” is pretty much the first thing that came up with solar energy, it was in 1973, during the oil crisis. What is new is that everything now has to be underground, and the design of the cover is also being considered. For use in the urban environment, as a landscaping, artificial pond or for photovoltaic modules. A kind of Bobo feel-good oasis.

Source: Krone


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