Mullah Omar’s Tomb – Taliban Reveal Their Founder’s Final Resting Place


Taliban founder Mullah Omar died in 2013. His death was kept a secret for years. The location of his final resting place was also unknown until recently. But now the radical Islamist rulers in Afghanistan have revealed the secret.

Senior Taliban leaders attended a ceremony at the grave near Omarso village in Sabul province, Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid told AFP on Sunday. Footage released by authorities shows men gathering around a simple grave, topped by a green metal cage.

Tomb kept secret due to “enemy occupation”.
The location of the tomb was kept secret for years because “the land was occupied and there were many enemies,” Mujahid said. Only the closest relatives knew the place, the spokesman said. Now people could easily visit the resting place, he added.

Mullah Omar brought the group to power after a bloody civil war in Afghanistan and enforced strict sharia law. The country became a haven for jihadist groups, including Osama bin Laden and the terrorist network Al Qaeda, the perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

When the Taliban refused to extradite bin Laden after the attacks, the US and its allies attacked Afghanistan, overthrew the Taliban and installed a new government. In August 2021, the Taliban returned to power.

Source: Krone


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