Vortex over Great Hungary – “New scarf” for Orban from Slovak “friend”


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban caused a sensation with his fan scarf during an international football match against Greece. He was accused of ignoring historical facts and practicing historical revisionism. Because Greater Hungary was on the scarf – i.e. the former Kingdom of Hungary, which until 1920 included parts of present-day Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine. The Slovak head of government reacted coolly to this provocation. He simply presented Orban with a Slovak shawl.

“I saw that Viktor Orban has an old scarf, so I gave him a new one today,” Eduard Heger wrote on Facebook. Orban also posted a joint photo with Heger on Facebook on Thursday, in which both are wearing a Slovakian scarf. “Hungarians and Slovaks are two good friends,” he wrote, referring to a saying about the friendship between Hungary and Poland. Present-day Slovakia, known as Upper Hungary (Felvidek), was part of the territory of the ancient Kingdom of Hungary.

The collapse of the Danube monarchy is still a big topic
Many Hungarians have still not come to terms with the collapse of the Danube monarchy, which saw the loss of two-thirds of Hungary’s territory. Due to the separation of these areas in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, many Hungarians became minorities in the new neighboring countries.

The four heads of government of the Visegrad Group (V4) – Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic – met on Thursday in the eastern Slovak regional capital of Kosice. The war in Ukraine and its aftermath was the main subject. With the exception of the Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU presidency, the countries of the V4 group border Ukraine, which is under attack from Russia. Unlike Hungary, the three Slavic V4 countries are among Ukraine’s most staunch political and military supporters.

Source: Krone


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