Blackout in Austria – as in war: food packages for the supermarket


Austria is preparing for a crisis: politicians, social partners, banks and food giants are currently negotiating how to deal with the Austrians in the event of a possible blackout. In the worst cases, people have to adapt to conditions otherwise known only from war zones. Read all the details about the blackout plan and how to arm yourself here.

First the good news: Energy and food supplies are currently stable in Austria, according to the government, as shown by several stress tests. But the urgent call to continue saving energy remains. The concern now is to maintain food supplies in the event of a blackout. Since the outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine, a working group of the Ministry of Agriculture has been analyzing the effects on the agricultural market and food security. And in case of emergency there is now a plan:

On the first day Due to the power failure, all stores in Austria will remain closed for the time being in order to make preparations.

From the second day will be distributed from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in stores of Spar, Maximarkt, Billa, Penny, ADEG, Sutterlüty, Hofer, Lidl, Nah und Frisch, Unimarkt and M-Preis with mixed fresh products. For logistical reasons, wishes for content cannot be taken into account in a crisis, say the government and retailers. In addition, ready-made food and drink bags can be purchased for cash. Content is about water, long-life bread, preserves and end products or candles. Baby items and hygiene products are also available on request.

Important: The issuance takes place for the shops. In case of a crisis, it is not possible to enter the shops or self-service and select the products.

From the third day For reasons of food safety, only products from the dry range can be issued.

The levy is organized in collaboration with the cities and municipalities. Both the association of cities and municipalities were involved in the creation of the darkening concept. To that end, from the second day of a possible blackout from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., the grocery store will distribute food to the communities and blue light organizations.

These are the recommendations to the Austrians
In the event of such a crisis, the population is advised to stock up on food for 14 days. The National Bank recommends always having enough cash at home: about twice the weekly purchase in small denominations. It is advisable to keep the money properly secured.

Source: Krone


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